2017 National Symposium Keynote Speaker

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Dr. Kimberly C. Ellis

Scholar, Artist, Author, Activist, & Entrepreneur

Affectionately known as “Dr. Goddess,” Kimberly C. Ellis, Ph.D. is a Scholar of American and Africana Studies at Purdue University, an Artist, Activist and Entrepreneur who loves Technology and Social Media. While working on her dissertation on the Tulsa Race Riot, War and Massacre of 1921, Dr. Ellis launched the “All Eyes on Tulsa Campaign”, to secure reparations for the survivors of the worst case of domestic violence by U.S. citizens in the history of the United States. She then served as the youngest member of the litigation team which took the case to the door of the Supreme Court under the Bush Administration. In her role as Consultant and Historian, Dr. Ellis worked with Charles Ogletree, Randall Robinson, Dennis Sweet, Adjoa Aiyetoro, Faya Rose Sanders, Al Brophy and the late Johnnie Cochran. She also testified before a Congressional body in May 2005 and can be seen in the documentary, “Before They Die”, which chronicles that legislative journey and continues to plead the case for survivors of the Tulsa tragedy.

Dr. Ellis has been awarded the YWCA’s Racial Justice Award, the Thomas Merton Center’s “New Person” Award and a Teaching Award from the University of Pittsburgh. She is also the recipient of Playwriting Awards and grants from The Heinz Endowments, The Pittsburgh Foundation and the Women and Girls Foundation; and has lectured and performed across the country at Theatre Conferences, at universities such as Stanford, UCONN, Ohio State University and was the keynote speaker at the Association for the Study of the World African Diaspora Conference in Charleston, South Carolina.

As an artist and world traveler, Dr. Ellis has lectured and/or performed on Martha’s Vineyard, at the Virginia Center for the Arts, at the Banff International Center in Canada and in Jamaica, China and Dubai. While in South Africa, she bore witness to and participated in the #FeesMustFall Movement; and went on #ATripOffTheOldBlock journey to London, Paris, Ireland, Iceland, Hawaii, Cuba, New Zealand and Thailand just last year. She has become a staple at such conferences as Netroots Nation, Blogging While Brown, Blogalicious, Black Thought 2.0 (Duke University) BlogHer and SXSW.

Dr. Ellis is presently working on the manuscript that details her narrative from graduate student to the Supreme Court entitled, The Way They Fought and Why: The Tulsa Race Riot, War and Massacre of 1921. Dr. Ellis was a featured speaker on domestic terrorism on a plenary panel for the 2001 State of the Black World Conference in Atlanta, GA and was then published in The Paradox of Loyalty: An African American Response to the War on Terror, ed. by Julianne Malveaux, Ph.D. and Regina Green.


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