2016 Call For Papers

Call for Papers & Presentations

John Hope Franklin Center for Reconciliation

Seventh Annual Symposium on Reconciliation in America: 

Justice and Reconciliation

May 25-27, 2016 ~~ Tulsa, Oklahoma


“I think knowing one’s history leads one to act in a more enlightened fashion. I cannot imagine how knowing one’s history would not urge one to be an activist.”

                                                                                              ~~ John Hope Franklin (Emerge Magazine, 1994)

The act of reconciliation requires us to go forward with purpose and intention.  The 2016 Symposium on Reconciliation in America:  Justice and Reconciliation opens a way for exploration of how legal justice, juvenile justice, and social justice impact our lives, individually and in communities, as we pursue the serious work of reconciliation.

The 2016 Symposium on Reconciliation will explore:

  • historic and current understandings and actions for legal justice
  • historic and current understandings of juvenile justice
  • historic and current understandings of social justice for all
  • the historic and current intersection of justice and the serious work of reconciliation

The John Hope Franklin Center for Reconciliation seeks to transform society’s divisions into social harmony through the serious study and work of reconciliation.  Consistent with that mission, the 2016 symposium will illuminate issues central to and surrounding legal justice, juvenile justice, social justice, and reconciliation.

2016 Concurrent Session Formats

The John Hope Franklin Center encourages communication across the full variety of settings and approaches by which scholars and practitioners address concerns about justice in all its manifestations.  The symposium program is developed to encourage participants to share their ideas and their work in dynamic ways.  Session topics must relate to the symposium theme; creativity is encouraged.  All sessions must include interaction among presenters and participants and time for questions and answers.

Please indicate your preferred session format in your proposal and structure your presentation to reflect your chosen session format.  NOTE:  Program planners may need to modify the initial session preference to fit within the available time slots.

Poster Presentation (Time allotment:  1-1/2 hours during lunch)

Presentations made during a gathering of conference participants where participants can walk around and learn from presenters.

Concurrent Presentation (Time allotment:  70 minutes)

An individual (or team) paper or presentation focused on the symposium theme or sub-themes:  legal justice, juvenile justice, and social justice.  Individual presentations that share intersecting focus may be grouped together.  The time allotted to each presentation will depend on the number of presentations assigned to the session, with time allotted at the end for Q & A.

Workshop (Time allotment:  70 – 120 minutes)

A “hands-on” session where presenters bring their projects or papers to life.  For example, a workshop might include a spoken word or staged theatrical performance, featuring adults and/or students, to share insights about a concept related to the symposium theme, or one of the sub-themes.

Panel (Time allotment:  70 minutes)

Knowledgeable individuals (scholars and/or community practitioners) who have worked together on a project, program, or issue come together to discuss their experiences and insights.  Diverse panels (e.g., multi-generational, multi-ethnic, multi-perspective) are preferred.

Submit Your Proposal

Please submit the Presentation Proposal to info@jhfcenter.org as a pdf or Word attachment by Friday, APRIL 1.

Click here to download the form as a MS Word Doc.

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Presenters must register for the Symposium.  Online registration is now open. Register Now.  Early Registration rates apply until April 30, 2016.


For more information about the Symposium or the John Hope Franklin Center for Reconciliation, please contact Dr. Jocelyn Lee Payne, Executive Director, 918-295-5009, jocpayne@jhfcenter.org OR Jeff Kos, Esq., Symposium Committee Chairman, 918-281-8600.


“We are going to do our best to reach out to every citizen of the United States, to engage them in every way possible, and to make certain that they appreciate fully the opportunity which we have to do something not only significant but even spectacular.”

                                                                                                                                                                  ~~ John Hope Franklin


Please join us in Tulsa on May 25-27, 2016 to honor the scholarly legacy and spirit of Dr. John Hope Franklin