2017 Symposium Agenda

2017 National Symposium Web

Reconciliation Through the Lens of Art & Culture

Join us at the 2017 John Hope Franklin National Symposium as we discover the importance of Art & Culture and the role it plays in the reconciliation of the races in the United States and around the world.

May 31, 2017 – June 2, 2017

Hyatt Regency Tulsa, 100 E. 2nd Street, Tulsa, OK 74103

Symposium Agenda


7:30 AM Continental Breakfast

8:10 AM   Symposium Session 1

-Jim North: Civil War Era: Railroad of Restoration

-Lee Boccacci: Out from Ash and Smoke

-Alicia Latimer: Imitation of Life: Sarah Jane for Real (Part 1 of 2)

-Ellen Stackable-Alexis Carter: Unlocking the Voices of Incarcerated Women 9:30 AM   Symposium Session 2

-Bonita James and Valerie Vaughn: I Am the Change: It Begins with Me

-Jim Myers, Mary Lou Miller, and Sherri Tapp: Our Perspectives: From the Lions’ Point of View

-Iain Anderson: Jazz and the Aesthetics of Reconciliation

-Marc Carlson: Photographs of the Tulsa Race Riot

-Alicia Latimer: Imitation of Life: Sarah Jane for Real (Part 2 of 2)

-LaShawnda Crowe Storm: Sewing for Healing

11:00 AM Plenary Session

The Tulsa Historical Society presents “Boomtown: An American Journey.” The documentary includes rare images of early Tulsa gathered from the Tulsa Historical Society collection, featuring interviews with local business and civic leaders and authors.

12:30 PM Lunch & Award Ceremony

John Hope Franklin Center for Reconciliation will honor Mr. Ed Dwight – renowned artist and Mr. Steve Liggett – Artistic Director. The luncheon speaker will be Rev. Marlin Lavanhar from All Souls Unitarian Church.

3:00 PM   Symposium Session 3

-Shameem Rahka and Sherri Tapp: Syncopated vs Synchronized Caring: Which One Can You Dance To?

-Hongyu Wang: Historical Trauma, Ubuntu, and Teaching Nonviolence

-Ben Bates and Lonnie Johnson Jr.: Activism in the Literary Arts: Balancing the Private and the Political

-Charica Dougherty: Ebonics, Language Heritage, and Cultural Identity

-Katrina Browne: Changing the Race Dance

4:20 PM Evening Plenary Session: In Search of Laura Nelson with LaShawnda Crowe Storm

6:45 PM  Arts in the Parks Entertainment- Free to the Pubic

Emphasis: Community Artists in the Park with special words of encouragement from the 100th Centennial Commission of the 1921 Race Riot.

Location: John Hope Franklin Reconciliation Park (321 N. Detroit Ave)


7:30 AM Continental Breakfast

8:10 AM   Symposium Session 4

-Deana McCloud: Woody Guthrie and His Relevance in Today’s World

-Dwight Davidson, Wilmer Cooper, Chancey Bosch, and Kristen Snodgrass: Reconciliation and Resilience Impacting Cultural Racism

-Kenda Woodburn: Bringing Cultures Together Through Community Gardening

-Mechelle Brown: Greenwood Cultural Center: Keeper of the Flame 9:30 AM   Symposium Session 5

-Sheree King, Sherri Tapp, and Shameem Rakha: Christian Universities and the Struggle

for Culturally Responsive Campuses

-Gay Pasley: The Nelson Lynching According to Woody Guthrie

-TheRese Anderson-Aduni: Rebuilding Black Wall Street (1922-1948-1952) Lawyers

-Patrice James, Kristen Black, Asher Levinthal, Laurie Thomas, Jennifer Hope Davy, & Crystal Campbell: Arresting Language: Intersections of Art, Restorative Justice & Reconciliation

11:00 AM Plenary Session

Katrina Browne presents her documentary, “Traces of Trade:” A Story from the Deep North” that tells the story of her forefathers, the largest slave-trading family in the United States.

1:00 PM Lunch & Discussion Panel

National and local experts in the world of art & culture focus on diverse culture, and art, and their effectiveness on today’s needs for reconciliation.

3:00 pm Closing Session: Arts and Culture in Performance- FREE to the Public