“It is an exciting story, a remarkable story. It is the story of slavery and freedom, humanity and inhumanity, democracy and its denial. It is tragedy and triumph, suffering and compassion, sadness and joy.”

– John Hope Franklin


Laying a foundation for scholarship by gathering materials for research as a central archive of materials related to race riots, expulsion, and exclusion throughout the country, including digital story-telling and oral history projects.

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Current Event

Documentary Study
“The Power of Memory:
Tulsa, Greenwood and the 1921 Tulsa Race Riot”

This project captures the memories of at least ten Tulsa families, African American and white, whose roots go back to before 1921. Time is of the essence because of the advanced age of some family members. The resulting documentary evidence will provide scholars, teachers, students, filmmakers, and writers with primary resources for scholarship and understanding not only the 1921 Tulsa Race Riot, but more importantly the Greenwood community’s resilience, the effects of the tragedy within the white community, and the power of memory to shape a city’s history.