“You can’t have a high standard of scholarship without having a high standard of integrity, because the essence of scholarship is truth.”

– John Hope Franklin


Creating new knowledge through scholarly work, including…

  • sponsorship of academic symposia and conferences of organizations devoted to scholarship on reconciliation
  • scholars-in-residence programs
  • student internships and projects
  • curriculum development
  • publications

Current Event

“The Politics of Reconciliation”

National Symposium
May 30-June 1, 2012
Tulsa, OK

The Symposium: Occurring during the 2012 election year, the Symposium will explore current academic research and community projects that address the general theme of reconciliation in America, with a special focus on the political dynamics of reconciliation. Defined broadly as the complex of relations between and among people, “politics” raises such questions as: (1) How is “reconciliation” defined and how is that definition a political construct?; (2) What aspects of politics are critical to reconciliation efforts?; (3) What political skills are necessary to successful and sustainable reconciliation efforts?; and (4) What role does partisan politics play in the ability of communities to reconcile?