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The 13th Annual Reconciliation in America National Symposium

" The Case for Education in Reconciliation:  Focusing on Advocacy" 

May  25 - May 27, 2022

Tulsa, Oklahoma 



 12th Annual Dinner of Reconciliation

More details to follow in the upcoming months.  Thank you for your patience.  



Visit the beautiful grounds of the John Hope Franklin Reconciliation Park and learn about the rich history of Tulsa, Oklahoma.  


Dear Friends, 

As we continue on this intentional path of the work of human reconciliation, I personally want to thank you for all the support you have given the John Hope Franklin Center for Reconciliation.  To all the scholars, educators, community activist, leaders, clergy, advocates, volunteers, our youth, our politicians, state, city, and county representatives, and our small but mighty staff, indeed we extend a heartfelt thank you.  There is one more thing I will ask of you all, is to continue to support the work of the John Hope Franklin Center for Reconciliation.  It is because of all of us working together that reconciliation work remains a priority for our community and beyond.  

In lieu of flowers, please give and support the John Hope Franklin Center for Reconciliation.  It has been my pleasure to devote my life to advocate and support my community and it is with great humility that I extend my wish for your continued support of the Center’s mission “to transform society’s divisions into social harmony through the serious study and work of reconciliation.”   We must confront our past, our shared history, our achievements, and our shortcomings, in reviewing what has defined us from our past relational issues.  Our informed review of our past gives us a great opportunity to make tomorrow better for all people, all cultures, all generations.  Thank you for supporting us to continue to honor and extend Dr. John Hope Franklin’s legacy.  

Services to be held

Monday, April 4th, 2022 at 11:00 AM

Fellowship Lutheran Church

6727 S. Sheridan Rd.

Tulsa, OK 74133

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