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The purpose of this Curriculum Resource Page is to provide educators with material that will cover the 1921 Race Riot/Massacre, Black Wall Street, and the people and places of the Historic Greenwood District.  

Learn about the people who lived during the golden era of the Black Wall Street.


Click the links below to access the following resources:


  1. Survivor Portraits

  2. Stories of the 1921 Race Massacre

  3. Greenwood Knowledge Cards

  4. ID Cards

Click on the links below to take a virtual tour of the places of Greenwood during the 1920s:


  1. Virtual Tour of Reconciliation Park

  2. Maps/Photos of Greenwood

  3. The Black Wall Street Mural

  4. Articles/Books about Places in Greenwood

This Curriculum Resource Portal is intended to be customizable and flexible for the needs of educators, parents, and others in our broad communities who are interested in understanding the rich history of Greenwood.


For interactive purposes, contributors can submit additional resources, such as photos, lesson plans, Survivor Stories, and Significant People of Greenwood. 

If you would like to submit your resources, click here to upload your information.


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