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Greenwood Knowledge Cards

Using the Greenwood Knowledge Cards (Bookmarks) to Understand Significant People of Greenwood

The records, documents, artifacts, and personal accounts of survivors and pioneers from the Historic Greenwood District provide the rich contributions of those who lived in the area. The lives of those connected to Greenwood speak beyond the atrocities of what took place during the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre. The sample Greenwood Knowledge Cards provided here allow us to acknowledge a few of the many contributors to Greenwood.

Greenwood Knowledge Cards (Bookmarks):

Having a sense of the life of a survivor or pioneer is one point

of reference.  Greenwood Knowledge Cards (Bookmarks) can

capture important information about the people, places, and

events that define history. The Greenwood Knowledge Cards

(Bookmarks) are a simple but effective way to introduce the

most significant aspects of the people and places of



Sample documents show how the Greenwood Knowledge Cards

(Bookmarks) capture the information of those

connected to the Historic Greenwood District.


Click the following links to download samples of the



Survivors & Pioneers

This is a sample list of names and places to explore through the Greenwood Knowledge Cards (Bookmarks). 

  • Harold Anderson

  • Ruth Sigler Avery

  • O.W. Gurley

  • Dr. Olivia Hooker

  • JB Stradford

  • Booker T. Washington High School

  • Central High School

  • Newman grocery store

  • Zarrow family grocery store

  • Ellis Walker Woods

  • Simon Berry

  • Sarah Page

  • Lucy Mackey

  • Eddie Fae Gates

  • Ernestine Gibbs

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