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“I would like my students to take up where I left off and to carry on the fight to establish history as a powerful force for good – a constructive force to rectify the ills of our society – to change the world, as it were.”


– Dr. John Hope Franklin (1915–2009)


The John Hope Franklin Center for Reconciliation invites you to join us at the 12th Annual Dinner of Reconciliation scheduled for Thursday, November 16, 2023, at Greenwood Cultural Center, 322 North Greenwood Avenue in Tulsa! The Dinner of Reconciliation brings together more than 500 guests of all ages, races, ethnicities, religions and languages across Tulsa to get to know each other better.  The Dinner encourages positive relationship building and fosters interaction between individuals of diverse cultures and backgrounds. Hearing each other’s stories and learning our own; acknowledging that, as a community, all our challenges are mutual challenges; shouldering one another’s burden and working side-by-side to realize our objectives, through these efforts we effect change, build community, and face the future as a unified community. Our task is not an easy one, but it offers an unparalleled opportunity to heal and grow. Our goal is a model of equally shared harmony and prosperity: one that the nation looks to as an example of how a wounded but determined community can own its past and use it as a catalyst to shape its future. 


Special guest is the Emmett Till Interpretive Center represented by Mr. Benjamin Saulsberry, Community Engagement and Museum Director, and Ms. Jessie Jaynes-Diming, civil rights tour guide and Emmett Till Memorial Commission member.

Benjamin Saulsberry_JPG.webp

Benjamin Saulsberry

Public Engagement and Museum Education Director


Jessie Jaynes-Diming

Member of the Emmett Till Memorial Commission


On July 25, 2023, President Biden signed an Executive Order creating the Emmett Till & Mamie-Till Mobley National Monument. 

Emmett Till Memory Project App

The Emmett Till Memory Project is your complete guide to the legacy of Till’s murder. The app takes users to the most important sites in the Mississippi Delta and beyond. Each historical location on the map includes expert-vetted narratives, access to relevant archival documents, and a collection of historic and contemporary photographs. The ETMP teaches users what happened at each site in 1955 and the sites have been commemorated since 1955. By telling Till’s story from the perspective of each site, the app encourages users to wrestle with different versions of  Till’s story and think critically about how that story has been passed on.



We would like to thank our sponsors who help make the 12th Annual Dinner of Reconciliation possible.​

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor please call us at
(918) 295–5009 or email


Burt B. Holmes


Sonya & Mike Pegues

Julius & Wennette Pegues Charitable Foundation 

 Sam & Rita Combs
Charitable Fund
OKC Community


Annie & Jeff VanHanken

Russ & Gail Newman

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