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"Reconciliation and Technology:  Neutral Resources for Social Good"

May 27 - June 2, 2020

Tulsa, Oklahoma

Welcome to the eleventh Annual Reconciliation in America National Symposium, “Reconciliation and Technology:  Neutral Resources for Social Good.”  As part of the scholarship goal of the Center, the Annual Symposium creates new knowledge in areas of reconciliation to advance equality, racial justice, and social harmony.  Technology as Reconciliation, our focal point for the Center’s 2020 programs and discussions for this year, unites us as change agents, researchers of effective practices, and peacemakers in the intentional journey of reconciliation.  By convening global scholars and practitioners, the John Hope Franklin Center hopes to promote a dialogue among those who work to bridge societal divides.

We invite educators, sociologists, anthropologists, psychologists, scientists, artists, cultural workers, peacebuilders, students, policy makers, and the community to participate in the JHF Center 2020 Symposium events.  We will consider the ideas and questions presented and immerse ourselves in this vital inquiry of “Reconciliation and Technology:  Neutral Resources for Social Good."

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