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Please complete the form below to register your child for the Youth Strand of the 2019 John Hope Franklin National Symposium.  Events are scheduled each day starting at 8:00 am.  We desire that all high school students attend the full program for each day.

Level of Supervision

The Symposium events are  part  of general public activities where parents/guardians are invited/expected to attend, so the John Hope Franklin Center for Reconciliation provides limited supervision of high school minors – persons under eighteen (18) years of age – during the planned activities listed in the Symposium to address transportation between designated locations and directing students to workshop sessions. If attendees are present during the scheduled Symposium program sessions, they will be expected to attend the occuring sessions as listed below - for each hour.


I acknowledge that I have made arrangements for my child (who is under 18 years of age) to attend an activity that is voluntary on his/her part. I therefore assume all risk incident to the activity, including travel to or from such place of activity and acknowledge that the John Hope Franklin Center for Reconciliation and its staff/volunteers assume no liability, including financial responsibility for injuries or loss resulting from or occurring during the activity or from such activity.

The undersigned further indemnifies, releases and holds harmless the John Hope Franklin Center for Reconciliation, its Board of Directors, and its staff against any losses or injuries, or claimed to result from the undersigned child’s training, participation, attendance, travel or other involvement in any and all phases of such activity.

I agree to hold the John Hope Franklin Center for Reconciliation harmless from any and all claims, loss or damage to my personal property, liabilities and costs, including attorney’s fees as a result of my participation in this activity, including travel to and from the activity. If the John Hope Franklin Center for Reconciliation incurs any of these types of expenses, I agree to reimburse the John Hope Franklin Center for Reconciliation.

If my child needs medical treatment, the John Hope Franklin Center for Reconciliation is authorized to obtain medical treatment for my child. I will be financially responsible for any claims resulting from any medical treatment.

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